Numerical simulation - Personalised tests
Data management - Connected metrology

CIMES offers expert solutions to accelerate the validation, optimisation and industrialisation of any type of industrial product. This approach is included through complementary technological blocks to benefit the needs of our partners and clients.


Our technological blocks enable us to meet the most challenging demands of the industrial sector

Reduce dimensioning cycles

Reduce dimensioning cycles

Optimise performances with numerical simulation

Optimise performances

Control development costs with numerical simulation

Control development costs

Numerical simulations and multiphysical computations

For more than 30 years, our teams have been qualifying the performance of digital tools on a daily basis, and investigating new solutions in order to invest in new digital models for each of the physics that we can address. Our teams regularly demonstrate on industrial applications the effectiveness of numerical simulation for the benefit of reducing design time and costs associated with physical tests, when it is used upstream of the dimensioning process. Our computational solutions and our teams, with a commitment to achieving results, guarantee the responses to the needs for evaluating the performance of products in their environment for loads of various types.

As a result, our confidence lies in the ability of digital tools to significantly strengthen development processes.



Custom tests and multi-material characterisation

On-site expertise - tests

On-site expertise

Thanks to its experience, CIMES can offer custom test campaigns on the client site. Real-life tests
provide an image of the behaviour of structures in their real environment.

Laboratory tests 

Laboratory tests

Laboratory bench tests can reduce costs and ensure reproducibility for a better understanding of the physical phenomena involved.

 Material characterisation

Material characterisation

We carry out mechanical tests on all types of materials. The means at our disposal allow us to characterise the behaviour of materials up to breaking point over a wide range of strain rates and temperatures.

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Distribution of calculation and decision support software

Specialising in digital simulation services, CIMES distributes several reference software solutions. Through this commitment associated with digital transformation, our teams dedicated to the development of digital tools, support the development of new simulation solutions through long-standing partnerships. Our offer includes three supports:

Distribution of calculation and decision support software

Distribution of calculation and simulation software

Training in digital tools - Numerical simulation

Training in digital tools

Technical support and advanced support - Numerical simulation

Technical support and advanced support

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Optimisation and data management

New optimisation strategies, implemented by CIMES, support innovation for increasingly complex products by simultaneously synchronising and exploring all design requirements. CIMES regularly demonstrates the effectiveness of multidisciplinary optimisation (MDO) for industrial applications, which offers its best potential when used prior to the design process.

Optimisation and data management - numerical simulation - multiphysics

IoT and connected sensors

Connected and intelligent sensors for mobility and infrastructure

The connected autonomous sensors developed by CIMES measure the characteristic physical parameters of your equipment, your vehicles, and your industrial or architectural infrastructures in real time.


scchéma IoT et capteurs connectés

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Methodological development and outsourced R&D services

Our engineering team is developing a continuous innovation policy with the aim of constantly improving the reliability and precision of dimensioning processes. To do this, we dedicate specific development teams to the deployment of new methodologies allowing us to intervene from the design through to the approval of new products. We support the birth of new projects by maintaining the main fundamentals that govern the industrial sector: controlling the costs in the development of optimised and efficient products.

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