Specialists in Numerical Simulation and Test Engineering

The added value of CIMES in the product development phase lies in the systematic comparison of our numerical simulations with physical measurements, performed on modern testing and validation platforms. The involvement of our engineers at all levels of completing these test campaigns allows them to have a global vision, to understand the observed physical phenomena and to explain them.

Our experimental methodology is based on a multi-scale approach, from the characterisation of materials, to real-life testing, and testing subsystems in the laboratory.

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Characterisation of materials

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We perform mechanical tests on all types of materials. These tests can be performed according to national and international standards (ISO, ASTM, EN) or according to customer requirements. The means at our disposal allow us to characterise the behaviour of materials up to breaking point over a wide range of strain rates and temperatures. We can develop the accurate behaviour models to strengthen our numerical simulations and make them more efficient.

Features :

  • Physicochemical characterisation (μ-tomography, SEM)
  • Traction / static compression machines
  • Endurance / fatigue benches
  • Gleeble 3500 Thermomechanical Simulator
  • Hydraulic cylinder
  • Hopkinson bars

Laboratory tests

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Laboratory bench tests can reduce costs and ensure reproducibility for a better understanding of the physical phenomena involved. We develop close partnerships with very specific testing platforms in order to offer you complete support in your research and development projects.

Platforms :

  • LF/HF endurance test benches
    Enclosure with impact table (HALT & HASS)
    Cylinder platforms
    Vibration generator
  • Safety
    Active : brake dynamometer / long vein blower
    Passive : direct catapult / pedestrian impact bench / fall well / pendulum impact
  • Comfort
    Semi-anechoic chamber
    Aeraulic bench
    Interference noise detection bench
    Experimental modal analysis
  • Climatic ageing
    Climatic chambers up to 10 m3
    Sunlight room


On-site tests

Thanks to its experience, CIMES can offer tailor-made test campaigns, seconded on the site. Real-life tests provide an image of the behaviour of structures in their real environment. We establish protocols adapted to the particular situations, by choosing the acquisition equipment, then supervising the preparations (gluing of gauges, accelerometers, etc.) as well as the progress of the tests. Afterwards, we carry out signal processing, measurement analysis and correlation with digital models.