Specialists in Numerical Simulation and Test Engineering

A specialist in numerical simulation services, CIMES distributes several reference software solutions.

The CIMES teams offer a complete range of services in this context, to make the most of these tools :

  • Commercialisation
  • Scalable maintenance
  • Tech support
  • Training and support


CIMES is today an official partner of Magna, which provides:

  • FEMFAT distribution

  • Maintenance

  • Training your teams

  • Support and technical support

FEMFAT is the world leader in fatigue analysis software, developed by engineers for engineers.

It assesses the reliability and robustness of components in the automotive, mechanical engineering and construction industries. It facilitates the identification of lightening potentials and makes it possible to identify weak points in the early stages of development of your new products.

FEMFAT is able to take into account the complex multiaxial loads and analyse welded joints (cords, dots) and riveted joints (aluminum or steel rivets).

The resistance of the components to thermomechanical loads can be evaluated taking into account the plasticity, creep or oxidation of the material.

Experimental measurements can also be used for simulation calibration and control.


FEMFAT also has the modules, dedicated to the analysis of non-metallic materials, such as reinforced plastics, composites and elastomers

Simulation numérique

FEMFAT Visualizer

Post-processing module


Simulation numérique


Main module


Simulation numérique

FEMFAT Laminate

Analysis of composites and plastics reinforced with continuous fibres


Simulation numérique


Analysis under thermomechanical loads


Simulation numérique


Analysis of weld points and self-piercing rivets


Simulation numérique


Analysis of MIG/MAG welding beads, laser


Simulation numérique

FEMFAT Spectral

Random vibration analysis, DSP


Simulation numérique


Component analysis under multiaxial loads



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