In 1989, five academics from the University of Valenciennes saw a certain future in digital simulation. They then created CIMES, a company independent of the university. Since then, time has proved them right. The evolution of simulation software as well as that of computing power now makes it possible to simulate all the physical phenomena necessary in the deployment of new industrial solutions. Since then, CIMES has assisted its clients with a total commitment to validation by integrating test engineering, data management, and connected metrology. CIMES now responds to general challenges of appraisals and product validation.


Arcangelo Schena - founder of Cimes, the numerical simulation specialists

Numerical simulation represents a real hope of development for all industries. These 30 years of experience has brought us recognition from the largest manufacturers, and enables us to support you daily and to make further progress together. Our most important commitment remains the quality of our work, which is the reason our clients place their confidence in us.
Arcangelo Schena, President and Founder of CIMES

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30 years of capitalised experience

Cluster HPC

More than 200 computer cores


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Our teams are supported by expert senior engineers who each have more than 15 years of experience in numerical simulation and test engineering: implicit or explicit mechanics, fluid mechanics, and system dynamics. Each engineer has his or her own specialty in calculations and testing, and according to your requests, you will be directed to the person best suited to your needs.

Arnaud Ringeval


Manager R&D Processes since 1990

Stéphane Vanhaesbroucke


Engineering Expert since 1992

Frédéric Chupin


Multi-Physics Expert since 1996

Jérôme Hespel


Vehicle Dynamics Expert since 2005

Vincent Centro


Crash and Optimisation Expert since 2000


The entire CIMES team meets regularly for technology days and conferences.

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Our commitments and certifications

The world of simulation is constantly evolving. We owe it to ourselves to stay at the forefront of new simulation technologies. For this reason, we are CIR accredited, proof of our commitment to research and innovation. As part of our quality commitments to our clients, we are ISO9001 and EN9100 certified, allowing you to have sufficient confidence to call on our services. Our expertise in simulation also allows us to be an accredited training organisation.


The CIR accreditation shows a strong commitment by the company to be part of innovative R&D initiatives.
This accreditation allows our clients to benefit from a 30% tax reduction if the project is part of an innovation process.

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For several years now, we have been ISO9001 and EN9100 certified. Our quality approach is improving year by year to bring you ever greater satisfaction.

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CIMES's expertise in numerical simulation means it is accredited today as a training organisation, which enables it to offer training on all the products distributed.