Construction machinery and agricultural machinery: our teams have gained experience from leading manufacturers of industrial vehicles and hydraulic or electric subassemblies.

Construction machinery

Cranes, hydraulic excavators or earth-moving machines, these pieces of essential equipment on construction sites are all subjected to extreme mechanical stresses directly related to their use. Our teams develop complex numerical models to optimise hydraulic, pneumatic, electrical and mechanical subassemblies depending on weather conditions or terrain topology. We are also able to simulate specific parts such as tracks or buckets.

Agricultural machinery

Tractors, combine harvesters, and spreaders; these agricultural machines have evolved a lot in recent years to become more efficient and connected. The optimisation of fatigue resistance is a central element in the development of this type of machine. Our expertise in the field of sustainability and the tools at our disposal make it possible to analyse and optimise the mechanical strength of most components of an agricultural machine.

Our actions

Initial design

  • Research of innovative structural concepts
  • Welded, riveted, and bolted connections
  • Solid meshes
  • Modelling automation

Multibody dynamics

  • Vehicle dynamic behaviour
  • Driving safety and comfort
  • Subsystem analysis
  • Fatigue, vibrations

General mechanics

CFD, external and internal aerodynamics, heat exchange

  • Radiator and thermal under-hood cooling performance
  • Air intake pressure loss
  • Exhaust treatment
  • Interior climate control
  • Component thermics


  • Climate ageing
  • Test follow-up
  • Correlation of test calculations

Respect of norms and standards

  • ECE standards
  • Pollution and emissions
    Euro standards
  • Customer specifications