Numerical simulation

CFD - Thermal

Covering aeraulics, aerodynamics, fluid-structure coupling, thermal exchanges, and hydraulics, CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) is a numerical simulation technique for analysing and optimising fluid flows as well as the resulting thermal exchanges.

cfd thermique

This type of modelling can be used in many sectors of activity, from aerodynamic analysis to evaluate the forces due to the fluid flow on the structure, to thermal studies for determining the power of heating or air conditioning in the building, through pollutant dispersion research.

Thanks to the computing power of our cluster and the software solutions at our disposal, we can conduct studies of large cells with a boundary layer, based on the complex physics, taking into account the models of turbulence or thermal radiation. We can also evaluate the impact of the deformation of a structure on the fluid flow thanks to our expertise in fluid-structure coupling.