Modelling and computational tools

We use the main reference tools in the digital simulation market: ALTAIR, SIEMENS, ANSYS, DASSAULT, ESTECO, and MAGNA. Each tool has its strengths and our experience invariably leads us to choose the software best suited to client needs, unless otherwise indicated. For further information, here is the more complete and detailed list of software that we use for our projects in multiphysics simulation.

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Hypermesh - Simlab - Radioss - Optistruct - Motion Solve - FEKO - Flux - Winprop - Compose - Activate - Simsolid

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Mechanical - LS Dyna - Fluent - CFX

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Nx - Madymo - Star - CCM+ - FloEFD

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Catia - SolidWorks - Abaqus - Simpack

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Volta - Mode Frontier

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ANSA Pre-Processor




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High Performance Computing Center (HPC)
Over 200 compute cores

Our technical teams rely on substantial hardware resources with a high-capacity computing cluster, available for rent by CPU time. As digital models become larger (number of elements, physics covered, physical couplings), they require the use of greater computing power in order to meet the increasingly greater demand for simulation. Our own teams have developed the CIMES computing cluster with 200 compute cores. It enables engineers to offer large simulations, with a large number of elements and with computation times acceptable by the industrial sector. The cluster is also available for rent by computing time (CPU time). Contact our teams to find out more.

Our development partners

CIMES develops a continuous innovation policy that is supported by numerous national and international partners. Our goals: actively participate in the emergence of innovative projects and products.

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CIMES is a member of the Railway Industries Association (RIA), which unites over a hundred companies in the railway sector. It serves companies and acts like a professional organisation, providing quick answers and adapting to the market needs.

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CIMES is a member of the Regional Automotive Industry Association (RAIA), which brings together and supports in their development the car manufacturers and suppliers in the region. Its main actions concern competitiveness, strategic approach and performance management.

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Logo AsTech Paris région


CIMES is a member of the ASTech Paris Region competitiveness cluster. This Paris-based aeronautics and aerospace cluster focuses on the architecture of vehicles and equipment, on-board energy, testing and instrumentation, aeronautical maintenance, propulsion, and materials and processes.

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Logo Axelium


CIMES is a member of the Axelium Engineering consortium, which brings together more than 100 PhD-holders, engineers and technicians, to offer industrialists a complete intervention and a new approach to integrated engineering, from design to prototyping.

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Logo CARA European Cluster for Mobility Solutions


CIMES is a member of CARA European Cluster for Mobility Solutions. This European cluster mobilises the entire automotive sector to support changes in urban mobility, passenger and goods transport systems, and to create the vehicles of tomorrow.

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Logo Green Win pôle de compétitivité wallon

Green Win

CIMES is a member of GreenWin. This competitiveness cluster in Wallonia focuses on sustainable chemistry, sustainable construction and environmental technologies. GreenWin's mission is to support innovation with the aim of growing the Walloon industrial network in growing markets.

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Logo i-Trans


CIMES is a member of i-Trans. Firmly established in the Hauts-de-France Region, this competitiveness cluster for transport, mobility and logistics brings together major groups, medium-sized companies, SMEs and laboratories of all sorts in ambitious R&D projects in the fields of railways, the automotive sector, mobility and freight.

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Logo Pôle Mecatech

Mecatech cluster

CIMES is a member of the MecaTech cluster. This competitiveness cluster unites together mechanical engineering companies and research and training units. Almost all areas of activity are concerned: consumer products, health, industrial machinery and processes.

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Logo de l'Université Polytechnique des Hauts-de-France

Polytechnic University of Hauts-de-France

CIMES is located near the Polytechnic University of Hauts-de-France. Labelled "Innovative Campus Sustainable Transport", the UPHF has important technological platforms and a test centre which we regularly make use of.

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Logo de l'Université Polytechnique des Hauts-de-France


CIMES is member of TEAM2 - Environment Technologies Applied on Matter and Matterials, to support national innovation according recycling and promote uses of new ressources thanks to expertises, industrial, scientific and academic partnerships.

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Logo Transalley


CIMES is located in the Transalley Technopôle Technology Park. It brings together industry players, research, innovation and training. Transalley is developing an ecosystem to make every effort to innovate in sustainable transportation and increase competitiveness in the automotive and rail industries.

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