Measure a product in fast nonlinear dynamics (crash, impact, etc.)

This training allows the various concepts necessary for a study in fast nonlinear dynamics to be addressed. The theory on the algorithms used, as well as the entities implemented in RADIOSS for the realisation of an explicit calculation will be covered. The descriptions will be supplemented by practical applications with RADIOSS, HyperCrash and HyperView software.


Engineers with in-depth knowledge of finite elements.

Training objectives

  • Discover the basics of OptiStruct code: elements, materials, properties, loadings, boundary conditions, etc.
  • Generate dynamic simulation data
  • Analyse results
  • Check and correct models

Simulation of explicit calculations with Altair RADIOSS™

Training description

Day 1:

  • General presentation of the HyperWorks environment
  • Explicit algorithms in dynamics
  • Equation of motion
  • Time integration algorithm
  • Definition of strains and stresses
  • Time step control
  • Data generation with HyperCrash/HyperMesh
  • Lab exercises: defining the data of a model

Day 2:

  • General information on the elements and advice to users: shape functions, calculation of strain rates, internal forces, digital integration, hourglass and mesh technique
  • Laws of materials: review of the elastoplastic, hyper-elastic and viscoelastic laws (law 70)
  • Elastoplastic calculation of thin structures and plasticity control
  • Data generation with HyperCrash / HyperMesh
  • Practical exercises: definition of the data of a model (continuation of the first part)

Day 3:

  • Presentation of the kinematic conditions, contact interfaces, and loadings
  • Tools for checking the quality of a model
  • Practical exercises: Generating data of a model


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