Save time and automate your tetrahedral mesh generation with Altair SimLab™

SimLab is a process-oriented tetrahedral finite element meshing software, allowing the fast and efficient modelling of complex assemblies. SimLab automates many tasks to reduce human errors and the time spent by the engineer creating a finite element model. SimLab is not a traditional pre-processing tool but a business development platform for capturing and automating simulation processes.

In this training, SimLab will be discussed through presentations and exercises.


Engineers with in-depth knowledge of finite elements.

Training objectives

  • Import and check geometry
  • Check and create a mesh
  • Create contacts and links
  • Define loads and outputs
  • Automate an efficient meshing process

Automated generation of tetrahedral mesh with Altair SimLab™


Training description

Day 1: Getting started

  • General introduction
  • Presentation of the graphical interface and user controls
  • CAD and FE interfaces
  • Overview of mesh functions
  • Import and check the CADs
  • Mesh rules
  • Quality check of the elements
  • Modification of existing FEM models

Day 2: Model qualification

  • Component assembly
  • Generation of coincident meshes between several components
  • Definition of contacts and bolted connections
  • Creation of load cases and boundary conditions
  • Configuring the target solver
  • Definition of properties and materials
  • Exporting the model
  • Overview of automation possibilities


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