Qualify solutions with Altair Optistruct™

This training introduces the principles of linear finite element analysis and allows you to learn how these principles are applied in OptiStruct. The problems of preparing a model for a linear analysis and interpretation of the results are discussed for static analyses and the eigenmode and buckling calculations.


Engineers with knowledge of finite elements and who are familiar with the HyperWorks environment.

Training objectives

  • Discover the basics of OptiStruct code: elements, materials, properties, loadings, boundary conditions
  • Generate data for the linear static, modal and buckling load cases

Training description


General presentation

  • Bulk format
  • Presentation of the different types of elements

Interface with HyperMesh

  • Model preparation for analysis
  • Generate load case data
  • Output files
  • Model verification and validation

Linear static analysis

Modal analysis

Buckling calculation

Post-processing with HyperView/HyperGraph

  • Contours display
  • Information extraction


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