Integrate your CAD, measure and pre-dimension with Altair SimSolid™

This seminar introduces the principles of meshless analysis and allows you to learn how these principles are applied in SimSolid. The integration of this method in the product development workflow is presented in order to improve the latter as much as possible. The problems of preparing a model for a linear analysis and interpretation of the results are approached for analyses in statics and the calculation of eigenmodes.


Based on the theory of external approximations, this revolutionary simulation technology allows very quick learning and puts the power of simulation in the hands of engineers and designers wishing to characterise the behaviour of their mechanical structures.

Training objectives

  • Discover the basics of the SimSolid code: materials, loadings, boundary conditions, and post-processing
  • Generate data for the linear and modal static load cases

Training description


General presentation

  • Interface
  • Getting started with the software

Model creation

  • Import a CAD
  • Create the connections
  • Data generation for a modal analysis
  • Data generation for a static linear analysis


  • Outputs
  • Bookmarks
  • Export results

Global application to a case study

Compared to a traditional tool, Simsolid relies directly on native CAD. It allows the analysis of large assemblies comprising complex parts with automatic recognition of the various mechanical connections (bolted, welded, etc.).


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