Qualify a digital model and dimension your systems with Altair HyperWorks Desktop™

This session is a prerequisite for several other training courses. It aims to familiarise the user with the environment of mesh, pre- and post-processing which it will use thereafter for its models. The most commonly used functions will be presented through presentations and demonstrations.


Engineers with in-depth knowledge of finite elements.

Training objectives

  • Know how to import a CAD file
  • Clean geometries
  • Extract the neutral fibre and mesh, the different parts, and define their attributes
  • Data analysis
  • Post-processing of the results

 Pre - Post-processing with Altair Hyperworks Desktop


Training description

Day 1: Getting started

  • HyperWorks company and software suite overview
  • Getting started with the user interface
  • Importing and cleaning geometry
  • Manipulation of entities: points, lines, surfaces, solids
  • Common CAD repair tools
  • Common neutral fibre extraction and handling tools
  • 2D mesh, with or without CAD support

Day 2: Control and qualification of the model

  • Quality control
  • Mesh manipulation (creation, dynamic division of elements, reattachment of nodes, etc.)
  • 1D mesh and rigid connections
  • Tetrahedral mesh (filling with cladding and CAD)
  • Data setting: properties, materials, boundary conditions
  • Loads and outputs

Day 3: Exploitation of the results

  • Loading results
  • Display in scalar, vector or tensor form
  • Querying the results
  • Creation of derived load cases
  • Creation of new contours
  • Post-processing of curves
  • Operation on curves or between curves
  • Post-processing capitalisation
  • Automatic report generation


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